Wired Love Story

Francis Morilao

I Love you as I always say,
Those words kept in my heart for so long;
Since we’ve been apart,
The longing for your kiss is always on my mind.

Messages on my inbox,
Lovely thoughts in the air;
Missing you so much,
Is all I wanted to say.

Good morning, my wake-up ring,
Eat well during my lunch;
Take care always as we go along,
Sweet dreams as we lay in bed.

Every day every night,
The thought of you on my mind;
The caress and your touch,
Will always be in my nights.

I loved you for so long,
I hope the feelings will never be gone;
Overseas and high skies,
Time goes by our love survived.

Reminiscing every bit of laughter,
The Joy that we have shared;
Tears when we are sad,
Silence when both are mad.

My desire of your embrace,
Haunts me to my dreams;
Squeezed pillow under my legs,
Cold shoulder touched by grace.

Through the darkness of every night,
A Wired Love Story brings delight;
Seems like magic in the air,
Love shared across the wire.

and brings smile to one’s desire.

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  1. Mary

    Francis, I empathize. I am sure this is very hard when you would really like to be with her in the real sense of the word. Your poem rings true and hard; and I hope you find a solution which will bring the two of you together.

    Welcome to Poets United, by the way!! Hope we will see you every Sunday…and also during the week!! I am quite fascinated with the fact that you live in Qatar!! I thank you are the first…..

    1. Francis

      Sure Mary, every sunday will be Poetry Pantry day! Thank you for the warm welcome dear.

      1. Mary

        Happy to hear that, Francis! Thank you.

        1. Francis

          You’re welcome :)

  2. Gabriella

    A very beautiful poem Francis! I love how you evoke the moments you have shared as well as your present distress. I do hope you can find a way to bridge the distance and share a common future.

    1. Francis

      Thank you Grabriella for your comment. I’m always in love

  3. brian miller

    ah you make love palpable… that longing i def understand that feeling of wanting to be with someone… welcome to poets U

    1. Francis

      yes brian, that is true

  4. Sherry Blue Sky

    Francis, so nice to meet you in the Pantry. I can hear the longing in your poem. But also the joy . In your words “I loved you for so long” one understands that finally “our love survived”. Cool! I hope to read more of your work.

    1. Francis

      yes Sherry, nice to meet you too once again. More poems and love stories coming.

  5. Loredana Donovan

    A beautiful love story… hope you get reunited soon. Welcome to Poets United :)

    1. Francis

      Thank you Loredana, hoping very soon

  6. vandana

    true love will always find a way :)

    1. Francis

      nice words there vandana, thank you for coming

  7. Madeleine Begun Kane

    How lovely!

    1. Francis

      Thanks Madeleine for droppingby

  8. Mai

    Nothing beats being bitten by the love bug! I don’t ever want to be taken away from its spell, as love is truly remarkable. I so feel your love for your other half just by reading your poem.

  9. Franc Ramon

    The poem really radiates the love you have and shows how powerful and warm love is.

  10. Kim Nieves

    Wooow, this poem makes me miss my boyfriend, though he only lives 200 meters away from home! Haha! =)

  11. papaleng

    I can relate to your thoughts bro. There are indeed relationships that ended in a sour note but still glimmers in one’s heart and mind. So heartfelt piece bro.

  12. Thess Enriquez

    Nice poem, you seems to be still very much in love with your partner. You might be apart, but if its true love, it will bring you back together.

  13. lily

    I guess all people can relate to this poem. Love is always a heartfelt subject. I suddenly missed writing something like this. 😉