Forever In Love

Francis Morilao

From the early sunlight,
My smile glows so bright;
The love that I cannot hide,
Makes my morning delight.

The smell of fresh flowers,
Refreshes, yes, my soul;
Through the heart that beats,
Stronger my love grows.

From a distant charm,
Ignites my nerves so warm;
Pushing every sweet blood,
Turns to smiling from sad.

I’ll be forever in love with you,
A promise to keep that’s true;
Every inch, every you,
That wonderful colors of rainbow.

The beauty that’s inside you,
Reflects the real hue;
Because when I am with you,
It really makes me feel brand new.

Ever wonder why I’m so in love?
You turned my nights into day;
Be my light, my savior, I pray,
Giving me hope every single day.

Forever In Love – by Kenny G. Released: 1997. Track 2. Genre: Easy Listening.

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  1. Lux Ganzon

    Aw. So love-filled. 🙂 Very timely.

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