Francis Morilao

looking back from the past,
seems like my mind collapse;
things that were meant to last,
now it’s just a thing of the past.

rumors may make your day,
believing some Nay say;
seems like everything is okay,
but truth prevails at the end of the day.

just like when you say you Love Me,
it runs through my ears and flee;
words that seems too pretty,
act if you really Love me.

a word that ends one first,
you may find it when you twist your neck;
seems like what the heck?
same last word from the first.

if you’re a good reader and a good observer,
there maybe changes from the first to last but words are still the same

Written this night January 10, 2014 7:52pm
at Doha Bus Station Al Fardan, Doha Qatar

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  1. pea

    I enjoyed reading your verse. I hope it was not written from a bad experience.

    1. Francis

      Yes it was not written from a bad experience dear Pea, Thank you…

  2. Sherry Blue Sky

    Words are definitely powerful. I am having trouble with this font, hope I am hitting the right keys! Nice to see you in the Pantry!

    1. Francis

      I’ll try to change the font dear Sherry, Yes I am visiting the pantry!

  3. Sumana Roy

    ‘things that were meant to last,
    now it’s just a thing of the past.’… is like this…..nicely done…

    1. Francis

      Thanks for the compliment Roy

  4. a spirit of simplicity

    oh i like this very much.

    1. Francis

      Thanks much for the visit AsOs 🙂

  5. brian miller

    love is an interesting thing…i would rather have it in deed than word, its a bit more authentic that way…and doesnt seem to cost as much just to say…

    1. Francis

      yes indeed Brian…

  6. Gabriella

    I can feel the nostalgia and disappointment! I am glad you did not write it from experience.

    1. Francis

      yes it was not written from experience Gabriella, thank you for visiting

  7. Elizabeth

    You have included some interesting wordplay here. Thanks for visiting my site,


    1. Francis

      great observation Elizabeth 🙂 thanks

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